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Curt McVicker
Interim Tech Coordinator
Mr. Curt McVicker
Ext. 65030
Luke Strohm
Technology Assistant
Mr. Luke Strohm
Ext. 65031
MeLisa Murphy
Computer Technician
Mrs. MeLisa Murphy
Ext. 65032
Gino Mollica
Computer Technician
Mr. Gino Mollica
Ext. 65033

Support Options

All technology support options can be found on the Madison Helpdesk.  There you can submit Electronic Work Requests, request a new password, and other support items.
We also have a  Google Tips & Tricks section!

Basic Chromebook Troubleshooting

If your Chromebook isn’t charging, or not turning on, please check the following items: 
  • Check for the light next to the charging port on the Chromebook. If it is not illuminated, then the Chromebook is not getting power.
  • Inspect the AC power adapter. Check for any physical damage, and make sure that the power cable is firmly attached to the adapter brick and the Chromebook.
  • Remove any power strips and surge protectors, then connect the ac power adapter directly to the ac power outlet.
  • Verify the AC power source is working by plugging something else into the outlet, like a lamp.

Shutdown/restart the Chromebook:
  • Hold the power button until the Chromebook completely shuts down and the screen is black
  • Wait 10 seconds and turn the Chromebook back on.

Check for the newest version of the Chrome operating system:
  • Click the time (lower-right corner)
  • Click Settings (Gear Icon)
  • Click About Chrome OS
  • Click Check for Updates
  • If your Chromebook finds a software update, it will start to download automatically

Clear cache and site data:
  • Open Google Chrome
  • At the top-right, click the 3 dot icon 
  • Click More tools > Clear browsing data
  • At the top, select All time
  • Next, check Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files, leave the other options unchecked
  • Click Clear data
  • Shutdown/restart the Chromebook

If you’ve tried all these tips and your device still isn’t working, please take it to the library/media center to have the librarian look at it. They will either repair it or submit a technology help ticket to have the device repaired. 

Professional Development for Madison Staff

North Central Ohio Computer Cooperative (NCOCC) has a variety of Professional Development opportunities available. To view the NCOCC Professional Development calendar, login in to your myNCOCC account. The classes are held at the NCOCC Offices on Longview Avenue and are free for Madison Staff.

Tax Free Computers for Teachers

Ohio House Bill 215 allows any Ohio licensed and certified elementary or secondary school teacher to buy computers, monitors, keyboards, modems and other peripheral equipment tax-free.
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