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Welcome Spring
The staff at Madison South Preschool are here to support our preschool students during this unprecedented time in their educational journey. This pandemic has thrown a wrench into everyone's lives and we are doing our best to provide an experience that is full of love, fun, and learning experiences. Thank you for working with us to provide our students the best year possible! 

Enrollment Process

To be considered for enrollment at the Madison South Preschool as either a child with special needs or typically developing peer the following process needs to be followed:
  1. Complete the Intake Form and Child's Education and Developmental History Form located on the Madison South Preschool webpage directly beside this section, under the heading: "Forms."  If you would like to stop by the office at Madison South Elementary, paper copies are available.  Both forms need completed and turned in to the office at Madison South Elementary located at 700 S. Illinois Avenue, Mansfield, Ohio 44907. 
  2. The Preschool Coordinator will contact you to set-up a screening appointment once the completed Intake Form and Child's Education and Developmental History Form have been received.
  3. On the day of the screening appointment, you will need to bring:
    1.  A copy of the child's birth certificate
    2.  Updated immunization records
    3.  Current proof of residency
    4. Photo ID of custodial parent enrolling the child. 
    5. Custody papers, if applicable. 
  4. At the completion of the screening appointment, the results will be discussed with you and class assignment for typical peers will be determined, or a play-based assessment may be recommended if a possible disability is suspected in a developmental area.
  5. All students will need a current physical and dental checkup record on file.  The Child Medical Statement Form and Dental Examination Form are located under Forms on the Madison South Preschool webpage.  Paper copies will be given to parents with the official registration packet after the screening is completed.
  6. The enrollment packet must be completed and submitted prior to receiving an official start date. 
If you are a typically developing peer role model, Madison Local School District will not provide daily bus transportation.  Students will need to be self-transported by the family to and from school.  Tuition for typically developing peer role models is $100 per month to attend the program.

Madison South Preschool Information

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Fax: 419-526-2911

Ally Schleichert 
Preschool Director
Susan Brafford
Preschool Assistant Coordinator
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