School Counseling

Mission Statement

The mission of Madison Local Schools' Counseling Program is to ensure a safe and supportive environment in which all students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for academic, career and personal/social development to become connected learners, creative thinkers and responsible individuals.
All School Counselors at Madison Local School District hold a Professional School Counseling License which is awarded after completion of a 600 hour internship and an accredited Master’s Program in the area of School Counseling.

As a department, we provide a data driven program that follows the American School Counseling National Model while tailoring our program based on both building and student needs.

The Madison Local School District Counseling Department works towards promoting student success through a variety of services for all students of the Madison Local School District.

For Students: Counselors are available to meet with all students to work on various aspects of development in the areas of academic, career and social/emotional areas. Some of these services include student planning, classroom guidance lessons, small groups and responsive services.
  • Individual Student Planning: working with students to prepare for life changes and transitions. Learning to understand oneself as well as how to resolve conflict. Referrals may come from parents/guardians, faculty/teachers or students themselves.
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons: are designed to reach all students. Lessons are taught within the classroom and address various topics ranging from academic skills, personal development and future planning.
  • Responsive Services: immediate response for students with a specific concern. Examples include coping with a crisis, experience of a loss or experiencing major change within the family home. Referrals to outside professionals trained in mental health services or other areas can be provided.
For Parents: Parents can consult with counselors regarding their student to best serve the student’s personal journey. Parents may set up a meeting with their child’s counselor by contacting the counseling office.

For Faculty and Staff: Counselors work collaboratively and effectively with all members of the school community to support the wellbeing of students in all areas of development. Counselors work alongside faculty to implement strategies to facilitate the safety and success of students.
High School Counselors
High School Ext: 65703

Timothy Ritchey | Email 
Grades: 9th - 10th | Ext: 65709 

Kelly Carpenter  | Email 
Grades: 11th - 12th | Ext: 65708

Middle School Counselors
Jessica Rush | Email
Grades: 5th - 6th | Ext: 65208

Monique Eberst | Email
Grades: 7th - 8th | Ext: 65509

Mifflin School Counselor
Liz Shakan | Email
Grades: Kindergarten - 4th
Ext: 65353

Eastview School Counselor
Thomas Deiotte Jr. | Email 
Grades: Kindergarten - 4th 
Ext: 65209

Madison South School Counselor
Katrina Tripp | Email
Grades: Pre-Kindergarten - 4th 
Ext: 65408

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