Student Registration

Madison Local uses an online registration process to gather the needed information to enroll your child in school.   

Please follow the instructions below to enroll your child with Madison Local Schools:    

      1.  Complete Online Registration at Madison
                       Playbook New Enrollment
                       Parent Playbook- How to add a student to a current account

      2.  Schedule an appointment with the registration secretary at the appropriate building.
                        Grades 9-12 Madison Comprehensive High School 419-589-2112
                        Grades 5-8   Madison Middle School 419-522-0471
                        Grades K-4   Madison South Elementary 419-522-4319
                        Grades K-4   Mifflin Elementary School 419-589-6517
                        Grades K-4   Eastview Elementary School 419-589-7335

              3.  Bring the following documents to your appointment
                        Required for Registration:
                              Child’s Birth Certificate
                              Student’s Immunization Record
                              Proof of Residency
                              Custody/ Guardianship Paperwork (if applicable)
                              Parent/ Guardian Driver’s License or State Issued ID

                        Other Helpful Documentation (not required)
                              Information about special services received at previous school (IEP, ETR, 504 Plan)
                              Gifted Information (WEP or WAP plan)
                              Copy of grade card or transcripts from prior school