Chapter 8 Crossword- The Federalist Era

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  1011    12              13         
  1516            1718
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  1. bring to an end
  2. Wayne’s troops moved closer to Fort __________
  3. Treat made with Spain that gave Americans access to the Mississippi River and New Orleans (No ')
  4. States that the powers of the federal government should be limited to those clearly assigned to it by the Constitution. The states should have all other powers not expressly forbidden to them. (No ')
  5. Three French agents asked Americans for a bribe and a loan (Written as one word)
  6. Wayne knew that it was an Indian custom not to ____ before battle
  7. Washington left the ___________ policies to his secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton
  8. Public office should be held by _____________ and educated men
  9. the amount of money owed by the nation's government (As one word)
  10. standard
  11. 10th amendment- Madison hoped to use the states as an important line of defense against a too ____________ government
  12. Not taking sides
  13. The Bill of Rights ______________ the powers of government
  14. Republicans chose Thomas Jefferson for President and Aaron ________ as VP
  15. Wanted to limit federal government, protect individuals’ and states’ rights (Sometimes called the Democratic-Republicans)
  16. Many believed an alliance with ______________ would help them defeat the British, Spanish, and Indians in the West
  17. Edmund ____________ became attorney general- Handled the government’s legal affairs
  18. Last name of Washington's Secretary of State
  19. Washington said “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances”
  20. Department of ______ - Handled the nation’s defense (Led Henry Knox)
  21. Powers that were not expressly forbidden in the Constitution (Written as 1 word)
  22. Federalists chose John Adams for President and Charles _____________ as VP
  23. First 10 ammendment to the Constitution (As 1 word)
  24. Hamilton's financial plan- 3. Create a national _______
  25. Paper notes promising to repay the money in a certain amount of time
  26. Many Europeans who came to the US in the 1790s supported ideals of the French ___________________
  27. keep
  28. last name of the French diplomat that tried to recruit volunteers to attack British ships
  29. Claimed that the Alien and Sedition Acts violated the Constitution (Written as one word)
  30. Members of Congress and other leaders chose their parties' candidates for office


  1. Hamilton's Financial Plan- 1. Pay off war _______
  2. Congress established a federal court system with the power to reverse ____________ decisions
  3. Armed protest by farmers in Western Pennsylvania against a whiskey tax
  4. Not little green guys, but immigrants living in the country who were not citizens
  5. First Supreme Court Chief Justice
  6. Treaty of _______________________- Indians signed this giving up their land in what is now Ohio
  7. A group of advisors to the president
  8. American soldiers were forced to fight for the British Navy
  9. inconsistent with the Constitution
  10. A tax on imports
  11. Treaty made with the British that resulted in the British leaving American soil. Did not address taking American ships or impressment (No ')
  12. Hamilton's Financial Plan- 2. Raise __________ by tariffs
  13. Battle of _____________________________- Battle where Anthony Wayne defeated Blue Jacket and led to the Treaty of Greenville
  14. _______ on whiskey angered frontier farmers
  15. traditions
  16. collected
  17. Last name of leader of the Department of the Treasury
  18. 1791- Philip _____________ wrote the National Gazette that turned public opinion against the Federalist
  19. 1795- Pickney’s Treaty gave the Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River and the right to trade at New ___________
  20. Basic idea
  21. legally overturn
  22. Demanding situtation
  23. Activities aimed at weakening the established government
  24. favoring one side of an issue
  25. Federalists passed these laws to protect the nation's security (Written as 1 word)
  26. November 1791, St. Clair’s forces were defeated by Little _______________, chief of the Miami people
  27. Wanted strong federal government, limit ordinary people’s role in government

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