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-“Character is what you do when no one is watching”

Welcome to 7th Grade Health with Mr. Fisher

This is the 1st of 2 Health classes required by Madison Local Schools.




Wellness- We will discuss how being healthy isn’t just all that you see on the outside, but rather what it means to be healthy in the areas of “Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul.”  We’ll also discuss such topics as mental disorders, best practices of communication, goal setting, building self-esteem, self-destructive behaviors (and how to break them), as well as discover values, morals, & beliefs.


Nutrition & Fitness- In this unit, we will learn terms like “calorie, metabolism, body mass index, cholesterol, sodium,” and others.  We will also learn the basics to constructing exercise programs, analyzing exercise programs and how nutrition should parallel workouts.  Also, we will analyze and try to improve diets throughout this unit and discuss fad diets.


Body Systems- We will study the 11 body systems that complete the human body.  During this unit, students will be assigned to a group in which they will become “experts” on their assigned body system.  We will interpret the systems in terms that is suitable for 7th graders.


Substance Abuse- Closing out our semester, is our substance abuse unit where students learn about types of drugs and how they alter the brain and its functions/abilities.  During this unit, students traditionally complete projects in which they research, summarize, and present information on substances to their class as a whole.




Environmental Health & First Aid– During this mini unit, we will touch on some of the things learned in Science in relation to the environment and ways to protect your home environment.  This unit also helps students deal with common injuries as they become more involved with athletics and being trusted more and more as they begin to babysit or be left home alone. 


Teen Dating Violence– House Bill 19, or “Tina’s Law,” went into effect March 29, 2010 making it a requirement that TDV is taught in 7-12 Health curriculum.  Here in Madison, we are fortunate enough to utilize a state grant to bring in a certified speaker for Teen Dating Violence.  This mini-unit is usually a 2 day unit that does NOT require a signed permission slip in order to participate. 


Abstinence/Relationships Under Construction (RUC)- We utilize the same speaker for the RUC week-long presentation.  The main topic will be Abstinence, we are NOT teaching sex education.  Keep in mind this mini-unit DOES require parent’s signed permission slip in order to be present (see RUC tab to the left or the original syllabus passed out).  If there is no signed permission slip on file prior to the speaker’s first day, the student will need to complete assignments in the hallway in order to maintain “character points.”    

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