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Mission Statement:

The mission of Madison Local Schools' Counseling Program is to ensure a safe and supportive environment in which all students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for academic, career and personal/social development to become connected learners, creative thinkers and responsible individuals.

School Counselor

Liz Shakan | Email

Grades: Kindergarten - 4th

Eastview Ext: 2111 | Mifflin Ext: 3111

School Counselor

Joshua Vastag | Email

Grades: 7th - 8th

Middle School Ext: 5010

School Counselor

Pamela Bauer | Email

Grades: Pre-K - 4th | South Ext: 4107

Grades: 5th - 6th | Middle School Ext: 5020

High School Counselors

High School Ext: 8640

Alana Sigg | Email

Jessica Solano | Email

All School Counselors at Madison Local School District hold a Professional School Counseling License which is awarded after completion of a 600 hour internship and an accredited Master’s Program in the area of School Counseling.

As a department, we provide a data driven program that follows the American School Counseling National Model while tailoring our program based on both building and student needs.

College Credit Plus information: