Madison Local School District - Mansfield, Ohio
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Shelley Hilderbrand - Superintendent


Mrs. Shelley Hilderbrand | Email

Robin Klenk - Treasurer


Mrs. Robin Klenk | Email | Ext. 1112

Penny Tamburrino - Executive Secretary to the Superintendent

Executive Secretary to the Superintendent

Mrs. Penny Tamburrino | Email | Ext. 1103

Sandi Davis - Assistant Treasurer

Assistant Treasurer

Mrs. Sandi Davis | Email | Ext. 1111

Trudy Wilson - EMIS Coordinator

EMIS Coordinator

Ms. Trudy Wilson | Email | Ext. 1105

Lisa Thoman - Payroll


Ms. Lisa Thoman | Email | Ext. 1109

Tammy Harris - Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Mrs. Tammy Harris | Email | Ext. 1110


1379 Grace Street; Mansfield, Ohio 44905

Phone: 419-589-2600

Fax: 419-589-3653

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AdministrationEmployee Insurance Information

Medical Mutual, our new insurance company, has a website where employees may inquire about their coverage, view deductible status, locate a doctor or pharmacy, or download claim forms. Click HERE to visit the website. You will need your identification number, and plan number to register for access.

Policy Manual

Click HERE to view the Madison Policy Manual online.