About Our Program

Our Philosophy

The Madison South Preschool Program is child-oriented and devoted to meeting the unique needs of every child enrolled in our program.  We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters each child’s cognitive, language, social emotional and motor development. We believe that children learn best through meaningful play.  The teachers serve as facilitators to guide students in child-directed activities for various learning opportunities.

Center Based Classrooms

Classrooms are divided into centers, such as art, dramatic play, block building, manipulatives and sensory play. Teacher directed activities and self-help activities are incorporated into the curriculum. Our curriculum is “Read, Play and Learn!” It is a transdisciplinary play-based curriculum. We follow the Ohio Department of Education Early Learning guidelines and our program is licensed by the state. The program serves children ages 3-5 years old.

Class Size/Hours/Fees

The preschool classes meet 5 half days a week.  They meet for 2.5 hours in the AM (9:00-11:30) or PM (12:50-3:30).  Each class has a maximum of 8 children who qualify for special education services and 8 children who serve as typical developing peer role models. The school year calendar follows the traditional nine-month schedule.  Every year, there is a $10 registration fee for all preschoolers who attend the program.  There is no charge if a child is determined to be eligible for special education services through the criteria mandated by the Ohio Department of Education.  The tuition is $100/ month for students enrolled as typical developing peer models.


A state certified intervention specialist and an educational assistant are in each classroom. Children with special needs may receive additional support from a speech/language pathologist, a physical and /or occupational therapist as the child’s IEP (Individualized Education Program) specifies within the educational setting. Specific goals are developed for each child by the team. All children benefit from interaction with the therapists as they work collaboratively with staff.

For more information contact: Olivia Siegfried, Madison South Preschool Coordinator at (419) 522-4319 or [email protected]


There is a registration fee of $10 that is payable every year for every child attending our preschool program.

There is NO CHARGE for tuition, if the child qualifies as a preschooler eligible for special education services.

There is $100/mo. tuition for a typical developing preschooler who attends the preschool program at Madison South Elementary.
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