Precision Machining/CNC Technology Courses

Applied Math - Review of fractions, decimals and conversions, measurements and metric conversions; calculate surface footage for mills, lathes and other machines; calculate precision measurements; figure speeds and feeds; trigonometry for machining.

Blueprint Reading - Understand blueprint drawings and sketches; learn geometric symbols, blueprint layouts and tolerances; practice reading and creating various types of blueprints and sketches. Use blueprints to machine parts.

Manual & CNC Machining Theory - Emphasizes calculations and machining operations on lathes, milling machines, and surface grinders and their accessories. Introduces CNC programming and machining.

Manual & CNC Machining Lab Application - Utilize machining hand tools for craftsmanship; layout projects and use drill press, saw and hand tools to complete layout project. Students also complete manual and CNC lathe and mill projects and learn to operate surface grinder. Students are also graded on performance, use of tools, attendance, motivation and teamwork skills.

Safety - Learn to operate all equipment with safety precautions (eye protection, dress, appearance). Become aware of various moving parts on equipment and considerations. Read MSDS sheets and discuss hazardous materials.

CNC Programming & Setup - Learn mill and lathe axes and Cartesian coordinate systems for plotting points. Learn basic G and M codes and single line programming. Use linear and circular interpolation and tool nose radius compensation to write lathe programs. Gain experience building up tools for CNC mill and lathe operation; Learn to build tool data; touch off turning tools; understand tool geometry and create work shifts to set up CNC Lathes. Perform by proofing out programs and running parts complete.

Introduction to Mastercam - Introduces students to file menu commands, process overview, 2D contour toolpaths and 2D geometry creation, navigating Mastercam. Provides an overview of 3D geometry/path creation and applications.
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