Mission, Vision, Beliefs

Mission Statement

“Raise Expectations,
Increase Achievement
Prepare for Tomorrow
Make it Happen!”

Vision Statement

“We will be the local leader in adult education by providing quality training and support services to enhance student success and by building strong partnerships with area employers, agencies, and other educational providers.”

Belief Statement

We believe that...
  • all individuals have a responsibility to be lifelong learners. 
  • every student deserves equal access to learning opportunities.
  • students learn best in a positive, engaging environment where they feel safe. 
  • family is the primary influence and inspiration in the development of an individual.
  • school-family-community partnerships build trust, pride and success.
  • every individual can be a productive, contributing citizen. 
  • diversity and mutual respect enhance both the individual and society.
  • all individuals are personally accountable to themselves and society for their actions.
  • high expectations lead to high achievement.
  • excellence must be recognized, valued and celebrated.

Educational Objectives

  • To provide an environment for all staff members and employees that promotes development of effective programs.
  • Cooperate in developing and implementing curriculum changes that reflect current industry standards.
  • To recruit and sustain a responsible, committed, and cooperative teaching staff who are interested in providing quality education to each one of their students and who will continue to improve themselves professionally. 
  • To provide students with a positive atmosphere for learning, including a physical environment that is maintained with appropriate equipment and materials. 
  • To maintain ongoing support services to enhance academic success (personal/career counseling, financial aid assistance, placement assistance, and program integrated professionalism), as well as other services necessary for the individual's immediate needs and developmental growth. 
  • To provide instruction and supervised work-based learning to enable students to develop in their chosen occupational fields.
  • To foster a sound work ethic by requiring students to be punctual, to attend school regularly, and to assume individual responsibility for gaining skill and proficiency in their trade. 
  • To gain community support, by involving local citizens, government & agency officials, and employers on program advisory boards, open houses, and graduation ceremony.
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