The Madison Early Childhood Learning Center program is based on the premise that all children share certain needs. Using a developmentally appropriate approach, the program can contribute to the child’s total development and maximize each child’s potential in the social, emotional, cognitive and physical domain. Since the parents are the child’s first teacher and maintain contact with him/her throughout his/her developmental years, it is our mission to provide a program which involves the parent as an integral part of the child’s total development. We encourage parent involvement in the program at every level. The Madison Early Childhood Learning Center program provides the child with successful experiences which serve as a foundation for successful adaptation for life in the home, at the center, and in the community.

The Madison Early Childhood Learning Center program offers opportunities for both group and individual activities and for both adult-directed and self-directed activities. Young children must be actively involved in many concrete experiences for learning to be meaningful. Staff are encouraged to provide materials and experiences which are conducive to help the child to clarify relationships between new events and what he/she already knows, to offer adequate reinforcement for his/her efforts and to provide sufficient challenge to refine and/or develop new skills while still allowing the child to meet with success. Emphasis is place on the development of a positive self-image in the child.

Provisions are made in the program to allow for a variety of different activities. Indoor and outdoor activities are planned in terms of weather, space, length of session and maturity of children in a group. A balance of active and quiet activities is scheduled to promote the development of self-control in the children and to aid the staff in appropriate guidance techniques. Quiet/nap period is also included as part of the daily schedule and aids in maintaining the development of an emotionally and physically able child.

Each child’s growth development is recorded and evaluated for the purpose of individualized planning. Assessments are given in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. A report of this assessment is made available to parents during a scheduled conference.

The framework for our curriculum is rooted in the Creative Curriculum approach. The Creative Curriculum follows Erik Erickson’s stages of socio-emotional development and Jean Piaget’s theories of how children think and learn. The Creative Curriculum also considers the child’s learning environment in the fostering of independence and growth.
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